Chet Brown

Chet immigrated to the U.S. from Jamaica in 2014 to pursue higher education and transition careers. He began X-Cel's HiSET Prep class in early 2015 after being introduced by a friend. He came to X-Cel driven to eventually enroll in mortuary college. In under a year Chet obtained his HiSET credential and has been accepted at Fine Mortuary College in Norwood, MA to pursue an associate degree in mortuary science.

I want to meet more people and affect more lives. I want to contribute to the social development of community.

Chet's dream job is to be a funeral director. In Jamaica, he had worked in construction, but felt compelled to "contribute to the social development of community, not just its infrastructure." He is particularly excited to take classes in psychology, sociology, microbiology, and business. Looking forward, Chet feels confident in his next steps. "X-Cel has given me the resources and fundamentals to succeed in my college studies." His advice to X-Cel students: "Use your time wisely and make use of the opportunities that X-Cel provides."