Partner Organizations

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X-Cel Conservation Corps has collaborated with Mass Audubon’s Boston Nature Center in Mattapan to conduct trail clearing and cleaning out of Canterbury Brook.

Macro-invertebrate Sampling and Identification:  


Charles River Watershed Association has partnered with X-Cel Conservation Corps on two major initiatives: 

CRWA personnel trained XCC crew members how to conduct habitat assessments, and the proper methods to conduct benthic macroinvertebrate sampling and how to identify the insects collected.  Following the training, XCC members conducted habitat assessments and collected macroinvertebrates at eight streams within the Charles River watershed and then identified the insects collected in order to assess water quality in each of the Charles River tributaries sampled. 

Green Infrastructure Ambassadors Initiative:   

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CRWA staff members trained XCC crew members on the harmful impact stormwater run-off has on local waterways and how green infrastructure is used to reduce the amount of stormwater run-off that flows into the waterways.  XCC crew members then practiced making oral presentations about stormwater run-off and green infrastructure, under the guidance of CRWA personnel and then gave tours of green infrastructure installed at Boston public schools to local community members at a Healthy Living Day event sponsored by CRWA and educated the public about green infrastructure at several community events.

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City Soil personnel educated X-Cel Conservation Corps members about the harmful impact stormwater run-off has on local waterways and trained X-Cel Conservation Corps members to construct filtration socks.  XCC members then constructed and installed filtration socks on the edges of City Soil property to reduce stormwater run-off draining into Canterbury Brook. 

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Neponset River Watershed Association collaborated with X-Cel Conservation Corps to implement a project to test water quality monthly in five bodies of water located in the Neponset River Watershed.  NRWA staff members trained XCC crew members in how to properly collect water samples and test the water samples at NRWA’s lab for presence of eColi pH, and dissolved Oxygen, and record the data.


X-Cel Conservation Corps collaborated with Newton Conservancy to clear and maintain trails and to identify and remove invasive species on Newton Conservancy lands.

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X-Cel Conservation Corps worked with the Department of Public Works in Milton to remove invasive species and reset and maintain several bio-retention cells in Milton, constructed to reduce the amount of stormwater run-off flowing into local waterways.

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X-Cel Conservation Corps partnered with Canton Conservation Commission to clear trails, update trail markers and conduct geo-tracking to update trail maps on Canton Conservation Commission lands.


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