A s h l e e   B l o c k e r

Ashlee came to X-Cel in 2009 with no high school diploma, looking for help to prepare for the GED exam, with dreams of becoming a pre-school teacher. Residing in Roxbury, Ashlee attended classes at X-Cel's Mission Main site and continues to chase her passion to this day.

I really struggled with my math but X-Cel's staff and volunteers were patient with my and worked with me until I understood it.

I found out about X-Cel though a friend who lived in the Mission Main housing development. I followed up with the Mission Main social service staff and began GED classes in 2009. I completed my GED in 2010 and enrolled in the X-Cel College Prep class. After I completed the College Prep class, I enrolled at Urban College and graduated three years later with my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. Today, I am currently working on my Bachelor's Degree at Endicott College while I am employed at Horizons for Homeless Children Program.

Do you enjoy your job?

I love everything about my job.  I like building relationships with the children and the parents.  I like my boss and coworkers and I plan to stay in this field. I'm continuing my education because in Early Childhood Development there is always something new to learn, new developments, and I like learning. I just got a promotion from being a floating teacher to an infant teacher. Now I have my own classroom with my own children and my own team.

How did X-Cel help you pursue your new career?

They helped me to get my GED and get into college.  I really struggled with my math but X-Cel's staff and volunteers were patient with me and worked with me until I understood it.  

What made you decide to go back to school?

I knew what I wanted to do (child care-pre-school) but I couldn't do that without the education and training.  There were things I didn't know and requirements I had to meet before I got into the field.

Do you have any advice for current or future X-Cel Students?

Never give up.I know a lot of students start and don't complete.  There are always times when you feel discouraged and you think you can't do it, but you have to push yourself and never give up.  You will eventually reach your goal.