X-Cel Conservation Corps Employer Partners



Currently X-Cel’s primary employer partner is Woodard & Curran.  Crew members who complete phase one with X-Cel Conservation Corps, apply to and interview with Woodard & Curran, and then are placed into paid internships with the company.  Woodard & Curran operates multiple wastewater treatment facilities in the Greater Boston area and interns are able to gain varied work experience in wastewater treatment at the different facilities.  Interns are also enrolled in preparation classes for the wastewater treatment license exam.    

We are seeking additional employer partners.   There is currently funding available to reimburse employers for the wages for the paid internships. 

If you are an interested employer please contact Don Sands at or 617-522-2590.

Don Sands   (Executive Director)    617-522-2595        Aaron Dale (Crew Leader)    617-637-7293